we didn't lose

Originally written:         July 10th, 2013


We didn’t lose.

In Texas tonight, after Sen. Wendy Davis’ filibuster on June 26th, a bill that would, in addition to other things, make 20-week abortions illegal and close all but five abortion clinics in the whole state, was still passed.

It feels like a loss.

It’s not.

In Ohio last week, anti-abortion measurements that force doctors to make pregnant women listen to the baby’s heartbeat and receive an anti-abortion lecture before being granted an abortion, was attached onto the budget and passed. The majority of clinics would also be closed.

It feels like a loss.

It’s not.

In North Carolina, similar measures were passed.

In many more states, many more measures will begin to begin.

The feel like losses.

They aren’t.

To lose would imply an end. To imply that we’ve given up.

We won’t. We can’t.

Somewhere, a teenager that isn’t learning about safe sex in school is pregnant. She can’t tell her dad, for fear of being kicked out of the house. It’s 500 miles to a safe abortion in Texas. It’s 50 miles to a life-threatening abortion in Mexico.

Somewhere, a woman who is finally free of her bastard of an abusive boyfriend, just found out she’s pregnant.

Somewhere, a woman still having nightmares about being violently raped last month, just took a home pregnancy test.

Somewhere, a young woman who’s desperate for a baby, but knows a pregnancy would kill her, needs a safe abortion before it’s too late.

Closing abortion clinics doesn’t stop abortions. It just stops safe ones.

So no, we can’t stop. These women need us. They need someone to care about them. To be in their corner.

If we won every fight we were in, we wouldn’t be motivated to fight again. There is strength in adversity. A strength these old, white, men passing these bills won’t ever understand.

Tonight I feel motivated. Tonight, all Texas had done is light a fire in me.

That fire tells me that they didn’t win, butd we didn’t lose.

We’re still here.

We’re still fighting.