standing. still.

Originally written: November 5th, 2014


This post does not reflect the views of my documentary, We’re the People, which aims simply to encourage more people to vote.

However, as the inspiration for this project came from watching Texas Senators Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte stand so firmly for what they believe in, I couldn’t let last night’s results pass without comment.

Because, while We’re the People is a non-partisan movement; voting itself is a partisan act rooted in passion. You can’t vote without passion. Without caring – for your state, for your community, and for your future.

And I am passionate. I’m passionate about politics; about my beliefs; and about what Wendy and Leticia could have done, and can still do, for Texas.

If you’re mad about tonight’s results – good. Stay mad. Continue to fight because the fact is this - we didn’t lose.

To say we’ve lost would imply that we’ve stopped. Given up.

And we can’t.

The things we fought for, the fights we must continue, those things are hugely important and the people we’re fighting for deserve our best. They need us, and for them we cannot give up.

Women’s rights. Civil rights. Same sex marriage. Education funding. Drought preparedness.

The state of Texas deserves for you to continue to fight.

Wendy. Leticia. Texas. You deserve better than tonight’s results. You fought for us in ways too numerous to count, and we will continue to fight for you.

Someone mentioned last night how pleased they were that I’d chosen Texas to highlight in this documentary. I didn’t know how to explain it at the time, but – I didn’t choose Texas. Texas chose me.

Texas chose me on June 25th, 2013. It pulled me off the couch and into it’s grasp. Watching Wendy stand up for women in Texas, and women everywhere, I knew – I’d stand with Wendy.

I didn’t know where standing with Wendy would take me, but I was never worried. That’s the great thing about faith – the path isn’t always clear, but it always feels safe.

I knew standing with Wendy would take me to Texas eventually, but how could I have known the journey it would take me on? How could I have known of the people I’d meet, the experiences I’d have, and the state I’d fall in love with, as I went on a quest to increase voter turnout.

Wendy’s life changed forever, the day of that filibuster – but so did mine.

Something awoke that I didn’t even know was in me. In standing with Wendy, I found out who I was and what I truly cared about. For that reason, and countless others, I continue to stand with Wendy.

While last night’s results are disappointing, we can’t hang our heads. There’s too much work to be done. The fight may be harder now, but it’s just as vital, and will make our victory all the sweeter.

The future is yours to write, Texas.

Stay mad. Keep fighting. Stand with Wendy. Still.