Go vote. it'll make you feel strong and powerful.


At many times throughout my life, I’ve been frustrated to hear friends tell me that they don’t plan on voting. The reasons  vary, though are typically:

Everyone lies/I don’t know enough about either candidates, their positions, or the policies they care about/My vote doesn’t matter/It doesn’t have anything to do with me

Now though, is the time to step up for our future, and the future of our country. Those excuses can no longer stand, if we expect our democracy to. 

The fact is this -  if you’re over 18, it’s no longer cool, hip, or funny to not care about politics.

The excuses that you use for not voting are lazy.

Yes, everyone lies. Go to www.factcheck.org and get educated.

Yes, it’s hard to know enough about candidates, positions, and policies. This is the information age. There are a million places you can go to learn about policies and positions.

Your vote matters. Period. Full stop. If anyone tries to tell you differently, ask yourself why they don't want you to vote?

In every election, there are so many policies right in your state and hometown that matter and will continue to matter. Green technology, education taxes, taxes in general, gay rights (aka HUMAN rights), unemployment, minimum wage, women’s rights... the list goes on.

It has EVERYTHING to do with you. I promise that this is an inarguable fact. What are you most passionate about? What do you care about more than anything? What do you wake up thinking about and going to bed thinking about? Take whatever that is, and you can find a policy that connects to it.

D.C. feels big and far away most of the time, but the issues we vote on are issues that will find their way into your home without you even realizing it. It’s an inarguable fact that the things we’re voting on right now are things that will continue to affect us for a very long time.

There’s no excuse to not vote. There’s no excuse to not care. It’s not cheesy to care about what’s happening in our world. 

Being able to vote is a privilege that many people aren’t allowed. It’s a privilege that people have fought for. Have died for. 

I’m asking you now, to figure out what matters to you. To do a few minutes of homework. To talk to your friends. To talk to people you respect. To understand how important your vote is.

Care about something. Be passionate about something. Stand up for something. Refuse to be complacent.


It matters.